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December 5, 2009
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AoH: Mayur Kamal by raindance168 AoH: Mayur Kamal by raindance168
I'm giving the option of allowing you guys to ask Mayur questions at different times in his life, so you can specify a particular time period if you wish. His answers will change depending on that period in his life. Either give his age range or the keyword associated with that age. Keywords are meant to give you guys a sense of what is happening in his life at the time. You CAN ask for multiple age ranges in a question. Otherwise, just have fun RPing with him as he is now in AoH time. XD Age ranges are below the FS link.


Has accurate memories during all age ranges unless specified.
:bulletred: childhood to 15: prince
:bulletred: 15-17: clan wars
:bulletred: 17-21: AoH (Most of the time his memories are inaccurate, though they get clearer as time goes on. You might want to specify age/year for this section, depending on how accurate of a response you want. Well, accurate relevant to his past, at any rate)
:bulletred: 21 and beyond: king
:bulletred: to ask ME questions about Mayur, type "author"

[EDIT] Updated the image with a better scan. Stupid scanner finally decided to work.

For :iconaohc:

Name: Mayur Kamal
Race: Avian, albino peacock
Age: 17
Gender: Male
House: Azureus
Hair: Silver and... uber long XD
Eyes: Ruby
Info: Mayur is on the serious side, personality-wise. He's studious, and likes keeping to his books. He's also a bit of a stickler when it comes to rules, and he's not afraid of coming forward and telling you straight out if you did something wrong. Calm and level-headed, he's able to analyze any situation or problem quickly. The only person able to ruffle his feathers is Syphen.

Hobbies include fencing, cooking (of any sort), watching others eat his cooking, singing (he's a little shy about this one), helping people.... yeah, those are his main hobbies. XD

Mayur is actually an OC of mine from an original story, haha. And yes, he has 2 pairs of headwings. Also, he can hide his large wings so that they don't get in the way (they magically disappear :D). That should make it easier to draw him, haha. If your character in AoH needs a tutor, Mayur is around to help! Just make sure you ask/tell me when you are going to use him. :)

Full body view: [link]

Syphen belongs to :icontatsu-kamiyasha:

Other refs and renditions:
*AnimeDumbass's super awesome SS pic! [link]
Crossdressing/dumps by =elena162 [link] :bulletblue: [link] :bulletblue: [link]
AHPD by me [link]
Winter Ball WIP by me [link]
Prettiness by *Erulisse2~ :heart: [link]
commish by *syncaidia :la: [link]
#33 in this set by *Elenath [link]
looking like royalty in this artwork by =la-sera [link]
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katt315 May 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
This is awesome...really nice design...wonder how Mayur and Syphen met. :3
Thank you! I enjoyed designing him. XD Mayur and Syphen met for the first time when they found out they were roommates. That's pretty much all there is to it. :)
katt315 May 25, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
:3 Well It's still good to have it official anyways...awesome. :3
IrethSingollo May 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Waah I'm loving his design *q* The clothes and the headwings, so great :heart:

Dwain: May I ask what book are you reading? I'd love to know more about that.
Thankies! I had a hard time coming up with his clothes, lol. Eventually, I'll draw and upload a general wardrobe, haha. Wings are fun, almost as much fun as hair! 8DDDDDD

Mayur: I'm doing some research on illusions. After talking to Hunter-sensei (who seems to have disappeared), I thought perhaps illusions would be the answer to my recurring dreams. Though these days, the dreams have even invaded my waking hours, so I'm trying to read up on anything that might have something to do with dreams and illusions. As Hunter-sensei told me, there is a heavy emphasis on how the entire world, memories, and people are made up of illusions.
IrethSingollo May 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wardrobe's are fun, I'm just working on my chara's one as well! *o* I'm also loving your colour choice ~
Fun and pretteh xD

Dwain: I see! Illusions are an interesting thing to study and I hope you will be able to find a way to your dreams through them. As there is a connection and balance among everything in this world, I'm sure you'll be able to grasp the connection here as well!

Anyway, I'll gladly help you in your research if needed ~
Indeed, I recently got into analyzing the clothing designs I see in magazines, what people are wearing, and the outfits people draw for their characters so that I can create more interesting clothes. I've never been very original in the clothing department. Glad you like the colors, I always have fun with the color schemes. XD

Mayur: Indeed, I hope the connection becomes clearer as well! Sometimes I'm not sure which of my past memories are real, anymore. All the people and events that I dream about seem much more real and familiar compared to the memories I have. It's as though someone tampered with my past, or something.

I would be glad of your assistance! It can get tedious reading through all these documents myself. Syphen... wasn't particularly bookish, but he kept things lively. I suppose that was just his way of encouraging me, now that I think about it.
IrethSingollo May 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Dwain: Your dreams sure look like something worthy of investigating! Oh I'll be gladly a help and learn more about how your work continues, so if you have anything new or need to read through something, I'll try my best!

Syphen? Excuse my ignorance, but I probably haven't met him yet. Has he helped you with your research?

Anyways, good luck with your studies, Mayur ♥
this design is epic....
aww, thanks neo! :hug:
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